Welcome to Designography

We are happy to welcome you to the Designography site- where graphic designs and photography come together to create dynamic designs that meet your special needs.  The photography is not the "norm" or "cookie cutter-style."  Here you will find stylish, cutting-edge photography that will stand out above the rest. 

The graphics are aimed at making people take notice.  If you are in need of graphic design, layout work or a fantastic portrait; you have come to the right place.

The Photography

A combination of 35mm, medium format or digital are used depending on what is necessary for each session.  The photographer will decide what is most appropriate for the session but is also happy to accommodate special requests.

All photographs will be shot in color and can then be changed to Sepia or Black & White.  Selective Coloring, Toning and Special Effects are available to enhance the look of your photograph or portrait.

The photography style varies from classic to contemporary, serious to child's play, but all the while remains fun and relaxed.  Sessions are a collaboration between the client and the photographer. Working together to create amazing images.

When the shutter button is pressed, a person, place or thing is captured as is at that single moment in time.  Portraits become heirlooms, photos can become synonymous with the company they  represent, and memories can be captured for future generations. 


Graphic Design

Graphics and layout are key to productive marketing and presentation.  Whether you need a party invitation or a billboard you'll want your item to look designed to perfection.  A professionally designed ad, business card, letterhead or postcard is going to capture the attention that it should.  Color, layout, images, font size and style can each have dramatic effect on the impact of your print work. 

Another important aspect of effective marketing is consistency in the look of marketing materials.  We offer a wide array of items to help you hit your targeted demographics.  Familiarity of a logo creates branding which stays fresh in the customer's mind after their initial meeting with you.

Let us create a style that is uniquely yours.


 Postcard to promote Senior Portraits

         The style used here was created specifically to attract                   high school seniors who were looking for something unique.          It is important to connect with your clients.